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postheadericon Blue



Blue, the colour for the mind, the raison, for truth, for peace, for chastity and durability. It also stands for miraculous and loyal, pure and clean.

In Englisch-speaking countries "blue" is associated with melancholy or with sadness, for example in blues music.
The ancient Greek, just like the Roman, associated the colour to the goddess Venus.
The Hindu represented their God Visjnoe with a blue skin.
By Catholics it is the colour of Mary's gown.
Even Odin and other nothern Gods wore the colour blue!

Blue shift the borders and create confidence.



postheadericon Brown



Brown is the colour that especially represent the earth and a lot that has to do with nature!
Brown offers somehow a protectif force.

To the Christians it's the color of poverty. That's the reason of the brown habits of monks of friars... It's also the colour of modesty !
Brown is often associated with Sodom and Gomorrah !



postheadericon Yellow



Light or goldy point to the sun, the light, the intellect and the trust!
Dark yellow point more to betrayel, to miserliness and to unreliability!
Long ago they indicated disease and quarantine out with the yellow flag!

Boeddhist monks wore saffron habits as a sign of modesty.
In Christianity the dark yellow pointed to the devil, envy, hate and jealousy! The gold yellow again was for the saints and the divine!

Yellow flowers on a wedding predicted unhappiness! Lovers were not allowed to give something yellow to eachother. But the view of a yellow butterfly meant there would be soon a baptism coming up. Others believed that, if you saw the first butterfly of the year and it was a yellow one, that was signigicant for money making. Yellow and gold colored chrysanthemums refer to neglected love, to eternity, to the gold of the sun!!


postheadericon Green



Green is the well-know colour of live, of hope.
Jesus Christ's cross was often greenproposed as a sign of hope.
For the Jewish ( especially for the Kabbalist) green is for victory.
Within the Islam green is a holy colour, it's the colour of the prophet.
For the Hindu and Boeddhist's spring green point to live, but light green to dead.

Green balance between positive tinted moss-green and the treacherous toxin green



postheadericon Orange


Orange, A quite positive color, stands for love, happiness, fervour, luxury and fertillity, joy and health.
Orange works in supertition especially through the orangetree.
Orangeblossems couldn't be missed on a wedding-party, it was a fertility sign.
To give each other oranges was a declaration of love in the earlier days.



postheadericon Purple - Violet



Purple, is a mystic color! It's a combination of power and authorothy of the red and the holiness and the wisdom of the blue.
Purple stands in most of the cultures for dignity, royal, the divine.
Purple is still be wearing as a status-symbol by the Gods, the emperors, the bischops, etc.

In the ancient days purple was a very expensive dye (pigment) supplied by the purple snail !
The present church has also purple mourning and grief in it, it's time for penance and fasting.



postheadericon Red



We already find Red back in the cave-paintings!
The Neanderthalerman would have dusted the corpses with this pigment. Propably because they wanted to give the warm coloured blood and the live back to the deceased.
By the Roman red was a sign of action, agressivity, blood and revenge. It's the color of Apollo and the war-God Mars.
To the Egyptans red was also a sign of violence and deception. Red or reddish animals were neglected. Names of bad Gods were written in red.
In Christianity there is the link to Jesus' blood. The cardinal red, the fiery tongues, hell, the devil. Pagan idols and unfaithful women were portrayed with red!

Nowadays red has many positive forces, as love and passion.



postheadericon White



The color of truth and purity and cleanness! White doves symbolizes the Holy Spirit!
Sacrificial animals to the Gods were white animals!
A white flag is a symbol of peace.

The old Romans wore white clothes on festivities, but they also used white as a mourning color
The old Greek had also white as mourning color.
And in many Asian and African cultures white is the color of grief. It unifies live and dead. Here it signifie the courless.





This color imagine the sinistery, the dark evil, the dead, the chaos, the negative!
Black Madonna's, cats, clothes, magic, art, satanisme and so on. the opposite of the smart goat is the black sheep, what was like stupidity!
People also thought that black clothes were less visible to the ghost of the deceased while they visited the graves. They were afraid that the ghost of the deceased grab someone by the collard and drag him to the realm of the dead!

But black doesn't always point to the dead, but also to the re-birth ! This thanks to the old Egypts .
The black silt, that was found after the annual flood, brought Egypt new live.
Therefore black cats were considered as holy!