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postheadericon Bats!


Through the centuries many legends, shapes of disbelief and fairy-tales about bats arose.
Because they are noctural animals, they were associated with darkness, dark forces, devil, withes, black magique... you name it.
No wonder the bat took a part in the Halloween festivities. The fact they are mammels, but a look as a mouse with wings, did no good to their reputation. They were seen as ambiguous creatures, who could, on a supernatural way, take on another form. So the fables in all sorts of stories the bat showed itself as a bird, another time as a normal animal.
Because none of the forms were right, they were munished and banished to the night.

In Finland they believed that when people were asleep, their soules left the body and appeared in form of a bat. Another explanation why you only see bats at night.

Already in the old Testament the bat was scorned.

In the new Testament it is called 'bird of the devil'.
To the Christians the bat was the embodiment of the demon and a confidant of the witches. All kind of monsters, underwich the devil, were pictured with batwings.

In the Middel Ages they believed, the devil showed up in the figure of a bat. In several Europeon countries they nailed bats on doors or stabledoors, to frighten of the demon, vampires, witches and bad ghosts,or as a defence against lightning and mice.

In spite of our present knowledge there is till the fumour that bats could fly in our hair.
Most of the bats are insect-, nectar and fruit-eaters. There exist the vampire-bat, but they are not so terrible as they say and they are living in South-America.

In Chinese words sign 'Fu' stands for either happiness or Bat!!
As on the old know Talisman, they still use the tree of life with his 5 bats, in works of art. Some drops of blood of a bat, under the pillow of a woman, brings her properous and fast pregnancy. This talisman stands as a symbol to a long life, wealth, health, happiness and a peaceful dead!



postheadericon A black cat.


The Egyptians considered cats as sacred, but not for long.
Cats were a symbol of evil, because devils and witches could take their form.

That idea came especially because of their striking eyes, they lighted up in the dark. And when the cats were black, everything was wrong.
Black is of olk the symbol of evil and dead. Just seeing a black cat wasn't a problem.
Only when a black cat crossed someones path and walked away from that person, then accidents could happen.



postheadericon A Horse-shoe.


A horse-shoe should protect and bring happiness. According to superstition the luck will double when the shoe is nailed above a door.

The gap upwards means that the luck can be catched, so it were. However, if the gap is below, the luck can runs out and it attracts bad luck. Ironical, there are countries where the horse-shoe must hang exactly with the gap below, so that the bad luck can run out.
In former day's, people hung uphoefijzer horseshoe above the doors to keep away the bewitchments and to prevent their babys that witches and fairies would kidnap. In those times one didn't know much about iron and so they thought, witches and fairies were afraid of the material.

Retrieve a declaration for successful needing iron are also in early-Germanic symbolism of the horse, particularly Wodans a reddish,a holy animal.

The shape of a horse-shoe reminds of the halfmoon, which was a symbol of prosperity and fortune for many nations.
If you find a horse-shoe you should throw it over your left shoulder after you pronounced a wish. Than you must walk away without looking back!

According to the feng shui the ideal position of your house is, if it lies on a hillock specific to the south, which is protected hillocks in a horse-shoe , of which stick out eastern above western.



postheadericon A ladybug or the ladybird



Already in the medieval times, the ladybird- or -bug symbolized the Virgin Mary. Those who calls his name can count on the help of Mary!! It is a wholesome and good luck bringing creature!
It brings happiness when it alights on someone, but he may not drive it away or kill it, than he can expect bad luck immediately!

Happiness depends on the number of dots!
In some countries the dots means also the number of children a women gives birth.

The ladybug plays a part in many love stories and therefor we give thanks to the Teutons. They connected the ladybug with Freya!!
As an amulet, the ladybug attracts beside love and charity also wealth and succes!



postheadericon A magpie.



According to a Walloon and a French legend, the magpie at first had beautiful feathers.
But when the bird mocked about Jesus Christ, he was cursed and his beautiful coloured feathers got into mourning colors.

From way back magpies were considered as birds of ill omen, proclaimers of dead and disaster.
Even now there are words and expressions in use who testify of this popular belief, remember a corn. According to this belief, magpies are able to predict fate.
The weather will change when a magpie is noisier than normally.



postheadericon A rabbit foot as a talisman.



The rabbit foot or leg is used for many years as a talisman.

That custom comes out of the belief that the force of the bone could cure gout and spasm.
Beside that, the rabbit leg was in many cultures considered as a potency mean. No wonder that especially men have this talisman in their sack!