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postheadericon Four-Leaf Clover.



Four-leaf clover is a symbol of prosperity and fortune, and it is also the symbol of Ireland!
This had to do with St.Patrick, the saint of Ireland. The old Irishman showed incomprehension about the Holy Trinity.
A great incomprehension St.Patrick trayed to explain, but failed. Then he found a three-leaf clover. In this he recognised what he would explain.
It was nature which symbolised the Holy Trinity in that clover. Since than, the Irish reformed themselves slowly to Christianity and the clover became their lucky symbol.

A four-leaved clover was even a greater gift from nature. Clover would protect against bewitchments or witsches, especially the four-leaf.
If you got that you could make a difference between ordinary people and witches and you could percieve unvisible fairies!!!

Dreaming about four-leaf clover predicted a long and prosperous marriage.



postheadericon Kissing under the mistletoe.



This was in the English speaking world a part of the wedding ceremony.

At the Kelten and Teutons, the mistletoe was a saint plant, who played an important role in their magical fertility rituals.
At the midwinterceremonie a druïd with a golden sickle, dressed in blank, cut the mistletoe from the saint oak. Afterwards he slaughtered the sacrifice animals and plunged the mistletoe in water that then as protection against sicknesses and misfortune was used.
These sacrifices had been intended for the spirits of fertility, such as the goddess Freya.

Later on the mistletoe was hanging on the beam of the stables; this was to drive away the mare (what means witches, phantoms or nightmares) and this way fertile the cattle to breed.

A virgin who wasn't kissed under the mistletoe, wouldn't marry the following year! After a kiss the boys could pick up a berry and continue the kissing till the branch of berry was totaly empty.

That habit run out, like the kissing under the mistletoe on Christmas. The mistletoe was often used to hang above the front door to keep the evil spirits and evil forces out.
Superstition or not?



postheadericon Knock on wood.


On wood, touch wood ... and phrases like "wood stick" are bold statements!
hout This superstition has both a Christian and a pagan origin.
The pagan origins, one must go back to the time of the Germans. The tree was for them the earthly embodiment of their gods. It was believed that trees were the residence of many gods. Druïds carried incantations and rituals in the holy tree. When the Germans by demonic forces were threatened with a particular accident, they had to touch wood, it was indeed divine. Wood took the evil spirit in him and sent him to the ground in order to neutralize.

The Christian origin is found in the crucifixion of Jesus. If we had been overconfident, then had to touch a wooden cross as a reminder of the humility which Jesus called. Reckless are meant not only defying fate, it is also a sin.

Expressions as "knock on wood" and " touch wood" are so usual, especially with overconfidential pronounces.
Not so surprising, because on wood, in all civilizations and times, is so know as a symbol of therapeutic forces.



postheadericon The lime tree



Among the Teutons the lime tree was considered as a sacred tree. The goddess Freya should live in it!

The spirit of the lime was the protector of houses, churches and sources. Later on he was seen as the " good tree ".
Marriages took place under the lime, the thumbs of the lovers were printed into the rind of the tree.

A limebranch should also help as a medecine against toothache by children and it should, as an amulet, protect against witches and ghosts!

Superstition or not?



postheadericon The tree of life!!!



In many places when a child was born, people plant a tree of life.
The child will grow up in the same way the tree will develop.
The life of the new born baby is, according to superstition, joined with the life of the tree.

This idea finds his roots by the Teutons. All Teutons consider the tree as a symbol of life, remember the druïd.

The time to plant the tree of life is, according to the folk costum, on the day of the birth, the day of the christening or of the next full moon!



postheadericon Throw rice on a wedding.


These days we throw rice to a bridal couple, but in the origine they threw wheat.
The purpose was to advance the fertility of the couple.

Throwing rice comes out of the Asian world, but it doesn't matter what was thrown.
It's the sowing gesture which is important!
These gestures refer to the farmer who moves over his land, sowing.




postheadericon Salt.


From time important salt has played an important role in the daily living of our ancestors!

In the old Rome, civil servants were already payed,partly, in salt. Salt was very precious!
Salt has also the quality to keep out the bad influences, in particular of witches!

Salt has also a purifying strength!
At a catholic baptism a grain of salt was laid on the tongue of the child, as a symbol for the purification of the original sin!
A circle of salt would protect against bewitchments of witches.
Some people always took a small pocket with salt to do successfull business.
When someone had to go outside in the darkness, he always had to have salt in his its hand, so nothing could happen to him.
Only the person himself can sprinkle salt on his food.

It is not allowed to waste salt!!! Whenever you make a mess with salt, you had to throw salt immediately over the left shoulder, straight in the eyes of the bad spirits.(Throw salt in someones eyes!)
Left is also the side along where the devil can peep. People hoped on that way, to correct their faults, to prevent a serious illness.

Because of this, several rituals arise around the saltshaker on the table. By setting the table the saltshaker should be placed first, and by clearing the table removed as last. Now leave them, as in the most of the restaurants, on the table!

In the feng shui, sea salt is used to play ball energy and to make it strong . Some give the Council on certain points of the house salt to scatter and leaves it there during a day, the chamber is purified of negative energy.
For a more stable life you can place a bowl salt at North east of the door.